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  • student-bella-english-course
    "Susan is a wonderful teacher. She prepares the content that the children are interested in. She corrects children's grammar mistakes carefully and prepares lots of fun little games. Bella likes Susan's class very much."
    Student Bella's
  • online-english-lesson
    "I Love Susan❤️. I can choose the topics I like in Class. She always encourages me. 😊"
    Online Student
  • student-cristina-english-adult
    I really enjoy my lessons with Susan, always interesting and fun. I have the opportunity to deep dive into grammatical rules, to learn appropriate language and, very important for me - speak with a native English speaker to improve my pronunciation. Susan is always available, prepared, attentive ... in short, amazing! Twice a week I meet her early in the morning and I thinks that it’s a great start to the day!
    Online Student
  • luigi-english-class
    Susan is an excellent and fun teacher.. I like playing the games!
    Italian Student
  • "We have fun together!!"
    Young Italian Student