Your Language 

Have you ever traveled to the country you dreamed of visiting? Perhaps you have spent years trying to learn the language of that country only to find that you still can’t be understood by those who live there!

Or maybe you communicate with international work colleagues , and they often ask you to repeat yourself over and over again!

It is frustrating to find that all your efforts to learn the language are causing a great deal of misunderstandings!

This is where having a native speaker of the language can really enhance your linguist abilities!


A native speaker of the language has spent their entire lives speaking , reading, writing and listening to each subtlety of the language you desire to know.

In your own native language, you just know what sounds right and wrong when speaking.  A native language teacher will hear immediately where you are struggling , whether it be grammar or pronunciation, and  will offer the corrections quickly and accurately.

You as a student acquire listening skills that help you connect the right tone to expressions, idioms and the phonetic placement in individual words. 

One great advantage of learning with a native speaker is that they often do not know your native language and it encourages you to make use of all the vocabulary and grammar that you may already know. 

Speaking skills are quickly advanced when you learn with native speaking teachers and this is the one skill that students find most challenging – having the confidence to speak the language they have been learning!  

Why not book a trial lesson with us? Experience how if feels to put your skills into practice with native English Teachers!

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels